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Your business requires strategy and platforms that showcase value to your clients.

Expand with the right platform           

The role of the advisor is changing every day. Clients are asking their trusted advisors to help them with a wider range of needs.  Protection, Saving, and Planning are no longer handled by different centers. Today's advisor must be ready to help clients across product lines or risk losing the relationship. Our selling platforms allow agents to expand into new markets while delivering more service to existing clients.

Cover All Client Needs

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Grow your Life Sales

Abacus Life is the Nation's leading direct buyer of life insurance policies.
Stonewood Members access powerful prospect-to-close marketing programs that can generate six-figure revenue for your practice.
Whether you’re marketing to young professionals, Baby Boomers or anyone in between,  Stonewood’s marketing programs make it easy to find new prospects and better ways to close business. Our programs include proven IUL marketing stories and the tools you need at every step of the sales process.
Kai-Zen is one of the ONLY strategies that uses leverage to help clients acquire more of the insurance benefits they need.

This program includes client-facing technology to help move the process much faster than ever before. 
No personal credit checks, loan requirements, or collateral. 

- 3 to 1 Leverage
- Clients qualify with a $200,000 income
- Clients only make 5 annual premium payments.
- Benchmarking against alternatives
- Stress testing both loan and policy performance

Expand with Annuities

AnnuityRateWatch has been providing live interest rates, policy information, and quoting systems for annuities for over 20 years.

- Easily search and sort products for your client’s case
- Complete policy information including all state-specific variations
- Lifetime Income Rider Quoting, to help you find the best income solution for your client
Cannex delivers simple and quick SPIA income illustrations to showcase value to your clients. Great planning tool for any advisor.

Excel with Medicare

One-on-One training from our team of Medicare experts. We will work with you to identify the most potential in your market. If you are new to Medicare, we help you learn the basics and put you on a path to expertise. We also have lead systems and marketing plans to help you achieve success.

Our exclusive Medicare Video University can teach you everything you need to know, to be an expert to your client. It's easy to watch and learn.

Your Call To Action

Invest In Yourself

Your time is limited and the requirements of learning a new system can seem overwhelming. Every sales platform has built-in training systems to help advisors get up to speed quickly. Investing in your knowledge is the first and easiest step to expanding your business.  

Expand Markets

Market expansion can help you grow sales, but more importantly, it will cement relationships with your clients. The more knowledge and services you are able to deliver a client, the less likely they will be to seek out help elsewhere. Expanding your ability to service the needs of your clients is a must in today's world

Use Our Team

What’s your strategy? Sometimes an external eye can help you discover the best growth opportunities and uncover under-utilized resources. Our experienced team can help you identify, plan, and execute strategies into new markets.